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DeskFX on Android?


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See, on Windows I always use DeskFX as my main and only equalizer. It's the best one Ive seen, and I wish I had it on my phone. Currently on my android phone I have a random equalizer (package name: audio.sound.effect.bass.virtualizer.equalizer) that.. I guess works? But it makes my songs quieter in order to give me more bass which I guess makes sense but is annoying at times when I want to have a bit more volume. On Windows, not only I automatically have more volume, I can set the volume of the song itself in almost every app and combined with deskFX its just like the best possible listening experience. And I guess Im just looking for a way to recreate it on Android so I could have something like that on my phone at all times. So, is there a way to run DeskFX on Android to make it actually work as an equalizer? Or another equalizer, better than the one I have right now?


Also, I know my current equalizer has the option to increase volume but like... its so bad ;-;

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