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Can a Tone File be created where 2 or more tone frequencies will be played consecutively, instead of simultaneously?


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I've used Tone Generator to create many Tone files, with each Tone file playing multiple frequencies simultaneously, which I later modified via Wavepad to increase the amplitude.

But I also have applications where I need to create Tone files containing multiple frequencies, but with the frequencies playing one at a time in consecutive order -- not simultaneously. 

Can this be done?

The only way I'm seeing of how to accomplish this is to create a Tone file for every single frequency, resulting in MANY Tone files.  And then create a List from the MANY single frequency Tone files.  But for all the many sets of frequencies I need to create I would wind up with hundreds of Tone files (one Tone file for each frequency) in order to create all the Lists I would need.  Needless to say, this would take forever for me to accomplish.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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