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Netcomm Rave and Australian phones


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I have a Netcomm Rave 7060 USB modem and it is doing weird things with IVM.

The setup works fine when i call home using my skype phone doing a direct dial to the home number which is normal australian number. But if i use other phones eg mobiles, voip and landline, it answers but nothing can be heard at the other end by the caller. The PC says messages are played etc. It even recognizes that a tone was selected by the caller if try a key one for mailboix 1 etc. But the whole time they cnt hear anything.


I also have CID enabled by my phone company and see it on the phones, but IVM is not displaying it. How can i solve these problems.


I am running demo version of the software at the moment and my level of success will determine if i purchase or not.



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