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How to tell Pixillion to enlarge images to a specific height, regardless of if it's portrait or landscape


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Hello, folks,

Until a few hours ago, I had been using (what I believe was) version 8.x of Pixillion, and I was able to use either height OR width to select which to enlarge image sizes to.  For example, I could tell Pixillion to enlarge the height of selected pictures to 1080.

A few hours ago I discovered that there is a new version of Pixillion, v11.x, so I purchased the Premium version of it.  I was not expecting this latest version to be a watered-down less-capable version, though, but that is what it seems.

I have a folder of many hundreds of pictures that I wish to enlarge, by increasing the height to a specific size, in this case 1080.  But the only selection that I can do this with in this latest v11 is by using Scale by and choosing Long side, which is useless & does not work for images that are landscape types, only for portrait types.  What seems to be missing is something like Scale by with a choice to select either Height or Width.

I tried the Custom Aspect Ratio for Scale by, and I could set the Height in pixels there to 1080, however, using that method I need to enter the respective widths for each image, which I would need to manually calculate for each of the hundreds of images that I need to enlarge.  There is an option that I could enable called Keep Aspect Ratio, but enabling it does nothing.

Before I reach out to NCH to request a full refund for the v11 on Pixillion that I just purchased, am I missing something & there is indeed a way to select a specific size for height?

Thanks in advance & have yourselves a great day.



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Essentially, I'm having the same problem:

In prior versions of Pixillion, I had been able to lock in an expand width of 1920 pixels, and remained so with successive use of the product.  Now, I must first make the size adjustments every time!  Why??

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