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Need Rhetorex ADPCM (100) codec

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Hope the duplicate post is OK - also on the Express Scribe board. I need to resolve this ASAP!


The files I need to transcribe are recorded using GearXport and are in .wav format. I have two sample NONencrypted files sent so I can confirm that Express Scribe will work. Upon loading the files, there is an error message that the needed codec is not installed. It is identified as Rhetorex ADPCM (100) codec.


Using the recommendation from the program (and the NCH site), I attempted to open the files with Windows Media Player. Following the provided link, the WMP download site does not have the codec. I have searched everywhere, but cannot seem to find it for download or even for purchase.


I know that Express Scribe can be used to open GearXport files. Any help would be appreciated!


Thanks in advance.

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That worked! Funky site, definitely, but the download .exe file is a WinZip self-extractor. Once downloaded, I ran the Setup program and it installed the codec. I also virus-scanned the file just to be safe, and it was clean.


Thanks much for the help!

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