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embroidery useless pattern with double keys


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When transforming a photo to an embroidery pattern, as soon as I set the colors to more that 30, the software uses the same key in the color legend more then once. This makes the generated pattern useless, as multiple colors are denoted in the pattern with the same key (for example 'C' or 'I'). I cannot upload a file or picture here to show the problem...




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My steps were:

1. open a photo in photopad 2. click embroidery pattern under tools. 3. change the default number of stitches to 200. 4. change the default number of colors to anything over 30. 5. generate the pdf. 6. spend some money ordering embroidery floss. 7. notice too late that the key contains duplicate symbols for different colors. 8. be very disappointed. 

As I mentioned in my original post, I cannot add a screenshot here: when I try to paste an image I get the notification that I should attach it as a file... which is not possible because there is no button for me to do so on this post. I would love to get you a screenshot of that as well... but yeah..

I have also used the support site you indicate, but the only place I could find a contact form in the sea of FAQs on that page was to report a bug, which I have done with the generated useless pattern attached.


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