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i want my money back!!! Ridiculous software

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My office is located in a very known area in the capital of Brazil, Brasilia.

I have already bought(paid) a few versions of videopad.

FOR MANY TIMES I have requested you to call me or email me. You never did.


I HAVE ANOTHER PAID VERSION, that keeps crashing all the time.

It doesn’t stay open for 2 minutes and it crashes.


I have deleted(uninstalled) and reinstalled a few times. The problems are never solved.

Do you want to call me on whatsapp or I should sue you to have my money back (as well as ask for moral damages and financial losses it caused to my company)????


Besides, since I have uninstalled, the version 13. Requires me to make an additional payment/purchase with less than a year. I so disappointed with you.



Marcelo Sicoli - Executive-Manager

Office: +55(61)3361-1869 Mobile/whatsapp: +55(61)98162-8891

www.enterbrazil.com  contact@enterbrazil.com

facebook/instagram/tiktok: @enterbrazil

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