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DOCX is "converting" to DOC not XML


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Doxillion was recommended by someone to help me with work project in which we need to be able to take about 25 or more at a time DOC or DOCX or even PDF files and change the extension to XML.
I am trying to test this software but all it is currently doing is taking a DOCX file and converting it to DOC...not helpful.

We would be paying for this service IF it would allow me to speak to a human and find out if it will work for us. 
We will NOT pay in advance only to find out we've wasted our time and money.

I can add that online converters do not work for us. 
The text in the file is changed and the doc has to be exactly like it is.
Right now the only option we have is to save as doc and copy the text and paste into Notepad and save as XML... then it will be ingested into the software we use.
The problem is we have thousands of files and can not go one by one and do this.

Open to suggestions - we've tried everything I can find.




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Thank you but we need Doc to XML OR PDF to XML.

We can’t find an online app that can do this correctly so can’t risk paying for one without testing it. Companies in entertainment are not willing to pay for something they haven’t tried just because they can get a refund at some point. 


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Yes I know and I did … I was just responding to your post saying I needed Docs to PDF.

but again, it won’t allow me to test it to see if the file stays intact. 

I think I’m going to end up letting my friend write a script that will do it.

i write code/formulas but not script… I CAN but hate it lol …so this is why was looking for a “quick fix” way of getting this part of our process done.

thanks for the info though.

Have a great day!

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