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I have been trying to download Switch to my Mac Mini using Tiger 10.4.8 but not having much luck. The Switch

icon appears on the desktop, and it appears to download, saying that it has put 2.1 mg on my disk - I have put it into my applications folder. However, only the folder/file pane comes up when I click on the icon and the Help does not seem to work. Hence there is no manual. I tried to register, but ID and other specific information is requSso what do I do now? I called teh Apple people, who said the suffix for the file should be .dmg. It was .dmg when it first appeared, then when clicked open it turns into .app, which is what the icon also says on the desktop and in the applications folder. Please, can any good soul out there help me, whom am a simple non-nerdy Mac user?


Thanks! John R

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