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Axon PBX Network Issues

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Hi Folks,


I have Axon PBX running without any problems within our network, and any external calls made via our registered SIP lines, up to 4 also go straight through to the PBX, and if they are not answered are taken over by IVM Answering attendant.


Looks like a fantastic setup, however, it appears as though anyone outside of the network wanting to use our PBX with a product like Express Talk fails to register with an error 404, it seems as though it is unable to communicate with the PBX yet the following ports are all open:


UDP: 5060 - 5090

UDP: 8000 - 8090


And from the client machine a reverse lookup maps to the external IP address for the Axon PBX so communication should not be a problem. Am i missing a port range which should be open to allow the PBX to register clients using Express Talk VOIP software?


Thanks for the support,



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