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I need help!


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I have finally given up on Microsoft products and their computers and have gone to a Mac M2 mini desktop computer.  I have an apple cd/dvd burner and the ExpressBurn software.  I need to find out how I am supposed to be able to burn a complete audiobook (multiple disc) because it is a large audiobook.  ExpressBurn seems to only allow a single disc (with the notification that not all info will fit on disc-duh!).  I tried splitting each Chapter (1 chapter is 11.5 hrs long) with Wavepad but wavepad, after doing its thing, cannot find appropriate split areas.  $$ down the drain?   

Anyway, if anyone has any idea how I can get a multiple disc audiobook to burn I would be greatly appreciative.  Even itunes is going away, so I don't have that option on my Mac either.  

Please advise me is which direcion I should go in this endeavor.  I burn audiobooks onto cd to play in our DVD player where I can see where we are at each night and pick up where  we left off the next night.  We do this as a family story time every night with our ASD son.

Thank you in advance.

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