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No features similar to Nero recode, very disappointed


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Description of the software includes "DVD authoring".
I was expecting something similar to Nero Recode feature where a DVD (previously ripped to hard disk)
shows chapters, episodes etc, and lets you choose what part of it to burn to a DVD disk.
(by the way, I would use Nero recode but those Nero idiots removed that extermely useful feature after version 7.0
  and 7.0 does not run well on Windows 7/64, win8 or 10)
But all that ExpressBurn do is to show all the files in VIDEO_TS folder and I can delete what I do not want.
This software does not seem to have any knowledge of structure of a DVD image and does not allow us
to edit anything at higher level. All it lets you do is at file level which is not very useful, at least to me.
If I am missing something here, not using the tool right, it would be good to know.
Otherwise I have to just return the software and get refund.



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