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The file provided is not a valid VideoPad project file


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I have been working on a one hour-long videoproject for a couple of weeks now. Everything went very smooth, until today. When I try to open the project now, it says: "The file provided is not a valid VideoPad project file". I haven't done anything differently than the previous times... I had an older version of the same project saved as well as a kind of backup but I also can't open that one. I can open projects I have finished before. The current project is 0 bytes... I have spent many many hours on this project, I really do not want to loose it. It is a birthday present which I want to give this weekend. 

I did not have a lot of disk space when saving it the last the two times. The first time, it did save it and I could open it again the next day (I deleted the bin contents), but now the second time I again deleted the bin contents and it seemed to save the project, but apparently I can't open it...

Can anyone please tell me there is a way to still open the project or retrieve it some way? 

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