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Pixillion Premium Creates Corrupt Images?

Dave Mc

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Purchased Premium today for my Macbook 14" M1 Pro and all looks good in converting/compressing some jpgs. However when I double check the Pixillion jpeg result using jpeg.io it comes back with an 'Error while processing this file'. Can someone else try checking an images processed by Pixillion on jpeg.io to see if they get an error. The image is also not readable on imgonline.com.ua compressor and I get a 'this file format is NOT supported' error.

Using metadata2go.com I get a warning "[minor] Skipped unknown 38 bytes after JPEG APP1 segment" which doesn't happen when testing my original image. Same thing for all Pixillion generated images.

The Pixillion processed jpgs are readable no problem on other checkers like Fotoforensics.com, imagecompressor.com and tinypng.com

I believe the image created works fine but just don't want to have unforseen issue.

If need be I can provide a link to the original image and the compressed version from Pixillion.



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As I might be eventually moving images to a CDN that would do image resizing etc I wasn't confident I wouldn't have issues later. So I decided to go to another option and requested a refund which NCH took care of immediately. Thanks.

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