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BluRay Discs Are Very Pixelated


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I'm trying to decided between purchasing the windows or mac version but since I have a LOT of discs to create I'd like to make sure I get the right one.  I got the free version to work on Windows but every single disk I make comes out pixelated.  I re encoded my source files and upped the bitrate to min 30k/35k and got same results.  I used the same videos on the mac demo version and it worked well but I was only able to burn one disk before it prompted the demo expired and I need to purchase.  Is there a free mac version I can download?  I don't seem to see anything that doesn't prompt for purchase.  Or is there a way to get the windows version to burn a clean looking disc?  I tried every setting that makes sense before I click burn. 

thank you so much.

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