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Chnging partially a tracks volume


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Now i m using also mixpad after making a registration in this program

MY first question is simile but not found any solution so far  as  muchi i tried

In several voice overs i need just to lower the volume  by several db over a selection in a track. Instead of lowering the selection the dialogue it lowers the volume of the whole track...... Sometimes i preferred  to do a crossfade inside the selection by redesigning the road but i dont think it a good idea


I need proper and more simpler ideas !!!

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Here is their reply

... the program will apply the effects to the whole track.  In this case, you may need to split the clip and move the parts you want to compress to a different track on MixPad.

Based in my today's experiments dong that is  also a bit complex task : cut and re-paste the selection then use the volume control as shown in the  bottom left triangle scale sign  of the clip to adjust the volume level Still a rather complex task... I just put that here just in case someone is interested


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