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Amount Due showing as greater than Invoiced Amount


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I have an issue where I have two invoices which have already been sent to our customer but are now showing with a higher 'due' amount compared to the amount actually invoiced.  

When I apply the customer payment, this then leaves an outstanding balance on the invoice, even though the invoice has actually been paid.

Is there a way correct this.



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Hi, I've tried this and sadly it's not changed.   

I think that the error is linked to a credit note that was originally applied to the invoice.  When the payment came in the customer had paid the full amount, so the credit note was un-done and the full payment applied to the invoice.     It looks like rather than removing the credit note, the system has added the credit note value to the invoice total, but has not deducted the credit note when it was cancelled.

A bit strange but hopefully sortable.

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