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Playback suddenly got terribly slow!


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Hello, I've made a first animation on the free version with no problem but then all of a sudden playback slowed down to a crawl. Video exports perfectly at normal speed though. I'm using version 7.33 on Windows 10 64 bit with lots of free disk space on an SSD drive. I saw somewhere that the program is 32 bit. Is that the problem? I tried restarting the laptop etc but no difference. Thanks much for any ideas/solutions.

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On 8/14/2022 at 5:31 AM, DeborahG said:

Aha! Figured it out... somehow the timeline Play (space) thing switched from Realtime playback to Play every frame (without sound) It's now fine again. Maybe this will help someone else!

We appreciate the information. If you do need further assistance with the program, we'd recommend sending a support ticket here.

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