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FastFox Bold Text Macro Not Working


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I'm trying to create a macro in FastFox to Bold Text, Type "Interviewer:", Unbold Text and Tab. I've assigned it CTRL + Q and this is my code so far:

kbrd_click 'B' 100
kbrd_input "Interviewer:"
kbrd_click 'B' 100
kbrd_input "\t"

When I type CTRL + Q, the word "Interviewer:" types and it tabs but it won't bold or unbold the text. I can't find anywhere in the FastFox menus where I can select Rich Text format if that's the problem. I've read, re-read and read-read the instructions at http://help.nchsoftware.com/help/en/fastfox/win/editkeystroke.html to no avail. 

I want to use it for transcribing with labels for Interviewer and Interviewee in bold before the text. I have created an expansion shortcut which works except for I have to manually unbold it and tab to type the dialog.

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