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transfers between accounts


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I have set up checking, savings, cash, and credit card accounts. I do not understand how funds are automatically transferred. At first I thought they were not.  I have a monthly transfer from savings to checking, but when I put it in savings manually it showed up as an additional asset.  Next, I pay my credit card bill from checking and I do not find that it is automatically posted in the credit card account.  Also, when I take cash from checking how do I get it to show up in my cash account?  I did not find this in the documentation.  Thank you.  mgk

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Actually, it is not that difficult, although the documentation was not helpful. You do just put in 'transfer' as the transaction type, and the account you want it transferred to (including credit cards) and it works beautifully. My brain sometimes does not work well in the evening but I figured it out the next morning. Even when I used 'transfer' before I may not have been showing the correct dates. --mgk

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