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I Want to Save CDs to MP3 Files in Stereo Help Please?


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Hello, I have sent a question to your support email address but have not received an answer yet. I have been trying out your Switch Ver. 9.53 to convert Music CDs to MP3s for my private  STORAGE use to see if I was interested in purchasing. My question is on the bottom of the program it says.                                                            Convert to CBR9 (224 kbps) High Quality (Mono Mode) is there any way to change the settings to Stereo? Or is your program not available in Stereo. Not sure if I may have hit a setting by accident. Again I have not yet purchased your program and would appreciate any information you OR someone on this page could help me with. Respectfully, Lea Cook   All I am doing is converting CDs to MP3 format but want them in Stereo.   Thank you   Is There a newer trial version of this program that I need? 

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