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Trouble converting Audiobook WAV to MP3


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I have used this software extensively to convert many (>1000) audiobooks to .mp3 so I can listen to them on my phone. Normally the process is smooth and works perfectly. On a very small minority of books, (<<1%) by companies whose other audiobooks convert properly, the process is VERY slow and the resultant files are mostly static with the proper audio underneath but at a low volume. All of the discs of the book in question do the same thing.

I have cleaned the discs, I have rebooted the PC (Win10) and I have converted other books immediately before and after but these discs always have the same results, static.

I don't believe the discs are copy protected as there is nothing on them or the case to indicate that, nor are any of the other many books published by the same vendor (Blackstone Audio).

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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