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Version 6.22 Windows -- Issue With Voice Pitch Shifter Causing Preview Loop


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Hello! I am currently using version 6.22 of Voxal for Windows, the unliscenced home version. I am running it on a Windows 10 device.

I am attempting to use a custom voice with the following settings...

Amplify -- 138%
Low Pass -- 330 Hz
Pitch Shifter -- 0.70
Amplify -- 252%
Voice Pitch Shifter -- 71.00%, Preserve Formants = TRUE

There doesn't appear to be any issues until I add the final Voice Pitch Shifter; once I do, the program will fail to run the custom voice. This bug appears to persist across any custom voice which makes use of the Voice Pitch Shifter, regardless of what settings are applied. 

I have tried to resolve this issue using various compatability settings as well as a completely fresh install + reboot, to no avail. I am curious if any other users have encountered this issue -- and if so, how you managed to solve it. If no solutions are available, I'd appreciate any advice as to how to replicate the effect without using the Voice Pitch Shifter tool; applying a regular Pitch Shift doesn't quite hit the mark.

Thanks, all!

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