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Add lyrics for multiple verses connected to same notation

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I am trying to add lyrics for multiple verses in Crescendo Music Notation Editor version 8.19. I have already created the music notation using the Solo template - Soprano and Bass clef notation - only one voice specified. Somehow, I have been successful in creating two verses, by clicking on "Lyrics" tool, attaching to the first note in my composition, and then entering the lyrics. I am able to then to write lyrics for verse 1 for the entire composition. I did the same for verse 2 being careful not to place the lyric text-entry box above or below (doesn't seem to matter) the location of verse 1 lyrics. However, when I try to do this for a third verse, regardless of where I put the text-entry box or whether I connect the lyric to the first note in the composition or a note elsewhere in the composition, the lyric for the first note is generated correctly, but then if I continue typing lyrics, using spaces between words or - between syllables, the subsequent lyrics end up appending to the lyrics of the second verse for each specific note, rather than creating a separate verse. I cannot seem to create an independent third verse. Any ideas what I might be doing wrong? I have plenty of spacing between the staffs for multiple verses.

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I think I figured it out. Go to the dropdown menu for VOICES, and select #3. Then click on that text option on the far right that has the grey L in the background, that manages lyrics text. Then carefully hover your curser over the first note and move it down to just below your second line of lyrics (or Voice #2, as the program seems to view it). a dotted line should follow your curser from that note, (as it had done with your first two lines), so you know you've established a connection to a third line! proceed to type in your words as you already know how. 

What I am trying to figure out is how to number the lines, so people don't get muddled when they go down to the next stanza....


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