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Yamaha ux 16 USB Midi interface


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Hi I have a Yamaha UX 16 USB Midi interface that I have connected and when I boot Crescendo my Midi keyboard isnt recognized at all *Nada*.

Would anybody have any info on troubleshooting the electronic components in this Midi interface? I would like to try to fix this interface if anyone has

info on places on the Internet I could use to troubleshoot this interface.

Well since I havent had any replies that is okay I will look for some answers on youtube may be a better place to look but thanks.



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I have a Technics SX PR-602 keyboard that does patch to the NCH Software for recording and made a wave file via the midi just fine.

In Crescendo it recognizes the midi in the options and score but FAILS to show any notes on the screen.  

3 hours later and lots of reading that points out the way it's suppose to work is just connect the device and any key touched with the metronome on will start to score the notes on the screen as you play.  THAT's the only way I want to use the software.  

It looks amazing!  But FAILS to score what I play.   Any suggestions?  Thanks!!!!

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