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I am in my seventies and all this 'techy' stuff is like trying to learn to fly a Klingon spaceship to me, but I persevered using the free trial of Videopad and  with infinite hours of googling and trial and error, and I am slowly getting there - the key word being 'slowly'.

I was emboldened enough to buy the full version of Videopad, but I now have a problem; 

In the trial version, I had a separate 'Audio' track which I found easy to use, but on this version, I can't find a separate audio track just a 'linked audio' and when I follow instructions and drop the music track onto the sequence the title and image of the audio track jumps onto the start of the video sequence which I made, and the soundtrack stays directly underneath  it.

I am trying to create a video and soundtrack which play together - all image clips placed in order to match the words of the song as it plays. 

I hope you understand me. 

I have tried using the Videopad tutorials, but they all seem outdated or seem to be using a different version to me - one with a separate audio track, like I had on my free trial version. 

I would appreciate any help from anyone. 



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