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Transposing to different tunes in one score


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I´m trying to arrange a music piece for wind band. The problem I have is that in the wind band the instruments have different tunings. E.g. clarinette is tuned in Bb, Tuba in C, Alto saxophone in Es. As a consequence the different parts of the score must have different accidentals - e.g. in one and the same piece of music the Tuba in C plays C major; clarinette in Bb plays Es major; Alto saxophone plays B major. The problem I have: I can´t find a way to change the accidentals for only one instrument - e.g. in the piece I´m arranging that would be: Tuba in C gets the accidentals B, ES, AS, DES, GES; clarinette in Bb accidentals B, ES, AS; Alto saxophone accidentals in B and ES. Is there an option in Crescendo to change the accidentals individually for each instrument?

thx in advance for help


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