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Version 6.96 (Continuing) Anomalies

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I loaded a score created in bass clef under an earlier version of Crescendo. When I added a new tenor part to this, I wanted to copy several bass part measures into their equivalent tenor parts, creating a two part unison section. When I did this, the following occurred:

  1.  The options to adjust to new stave just didn't work as expected. Being offered "the same pitch" is inappropriate or at worst, a selection should be offered to adjust to same note an octave higher/lower i.e. in unison but not literally the same pitch
  2. All part characteristics were lost on copy/paste - "dot" durations, ties, slurs etc etc. I was expecting the TOTAL measure to be copied.

Thank you for the capability to change the voice on more than one note at a time, allowing measure selection and even part selection for voice change. However, most annoyingly, just like in the copy/paste facility (see 2. above), all note characteristics and associations are now lost when adjusting voice by measure/groups of measures/whole part.

Please add "rests" and other measure features to "add unison" selection else I end up with separate (for example) rests for each voice of more than one part in the same measure i.e. Sopranos & Altos in one "part" and Tenors & Basses in another "part"

Thank you

Terry Murphy


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