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We are offering full range of dedicated Servers, Cloud Servers and Services.

8 Core 8 GB Cloud Servers $12/month
8 Core 8 GB Dedicated Servers $34/month
24 Core 16 GB Dedicated Servers $64/month
Itel dialer from $79/month
ItelSwitch from $79/month
VOIPSwitch from $59/month
Goautodial/Vicidial from $38/month
CPanel Server from $32/month
VPN Connection $4/month
Windows 10 Virtual Desktop from $9/month
Website Account with 5 Domains $9/month
Email Hosting with 5 Accounts $9/month

Order today at www.datasoft.ws .



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Cool, I just want to create my own website, and I can put it on your servers. I want to create websites and make it my hobby, and therefore, I spend most of my time on the site Isotropic and I learn to create websites. If you want to start creating websites, then you can also use the services of Isotropic. Hopefully, when I start making sites, I can use your servers.

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