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ES Channel Display with Windows 11 Upgrade


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My desktop was upgraded a couple of days ago to Windows 11.  One thing it did was change how the channels panel in ES displays.   You can hardly tell which channel is on/off now.  I did try change my Windows display settings and tried a few different contrast themes.  Everything I tried changed the look of ES but not those channel buttons specifically.  It used to be obvious which channels were on or off.  Now, it's very difficult.  

I'm on a newer Dell desktop with a 24" monitor and have 20-20 vision.  😎

Any other ideas?






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A ticket was submitted to the developers by both the agent who helped me and myself a couple of weeks ago.  I didn't hear anything back yet but today an upgrade came to V 10.13.  It didn't fix that issue and I have to pay another $39.99 or download the version I was already using. 

I'm trying to find where that is but in the meantime, the upgrade did not fix the issue and I'm not sure what it did do that I should have to pay yet another fee.  This makes about the third time since my original purchase a few years ago.  If VIQ ever gets hot keys for the variable speeds like ES has, you guys are in trouble as that's about the only reason I'm sticking to ES.  

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