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csv file import error


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I am trying to import my financial info into MoneyLine via csv format. When I do this I get the dialogue box which tell me to `Click to assign` and when I do I get the following in the drop down box` sep=` which I haven't a clue about. I then get a message saying `Some transactions were not imported correctly as a result of improper date formatting`.

When I check I find that no data wether correct or incorrect has been imported.

can someone help please



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You can export each account from Quicken in csv format as separate files, say one for checking, another for savings, etc. Then you can attempt an import into MoneyLine from a csv file. However, not all the columns in the Quicken file translate correctly into MoneyLine. For example, only deposits go into MoneyLine files, not payments or withdrawals. Obviously not good enough. I don't get the impression that the developers are paying attention to any of this stuff. Nothing seems to get fixed.

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