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Shareholders Loan and A/P opening Balance


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I started Express Accounts and the beginning of a new fiscal year.  I had an accounts payable that was expensed last year and it was set up with an opening balance.  This is paid by a personal credit card and normally I would post that payment to my shareholders loan account (liability) and expense it to the right expense account in the General Journal..  I can see no method of posting this payment through A/P in order to decrease the opening balance.  I've tried adding another deposit account in the the A/P entry window but I cannot add any account other than an asset account.  I can do a journal entry by crediting Shareholders and debiting A/P account but that doesn't change the opening balance of the supplier.  I can zero out the opening balance of supplier but that affects A/P.  The main problem is that I can't expense it again as it was expensed last year.  Anyone have a solution that I'm not seeing?  Many thanks.

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