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Debut Video recorder - showing upside down for the built in Camera by default


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I recently downloaded the software, and the video Camera shows up-side-down by default on my ASUS Transformer.

The built in Cameras show up-side-down, but my usb webcam shows correctly.

I know how to access the option to flip the screen vertically.  But the problem is when I want to do Camera Overlay, either the Overlay Camera, or the Video Camera will be update down.  I cannot find a way to get both Cameras to show right-side-up.  

Again, I can flip vertically to make the built in camera show right, but then the web cam shows up-side-down.


This is not an issue with the Built-in Camera on Windows 10.  All cameras show right-side-up.


Note:  this is not an issue on my dell laptop, only with my ASUS.  Perhaps the ASUS camera driver is not compatible with the Debut software, I am not sure.

Any suggestions?

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