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Having been a loyal NCH Sound Expresscribe user/customer over the past 15 years, I was surprised to find overnight (Xmas Day) my Expresscribe stopped playing/loading M4A/MP3/DSS files. I was helped by many kind helpdesk staff (thank you Simon, Irish, Rusty, Gigi) but despite repeating their instructions to uninstall/ delete temp files/reload etc etc I could not load a newer (or even older version). I evne paid to subscribe to the latest Version (V 9.25) but now this will not play DSS, M4a, MP3 files!  I started using Switch to convert my files to the WAV/WMA and now of course NCH Sound want more money off me for the paid version. Surely if something doesn't work, and helpdesk can't resolve it, then the right thing to do by such a company is to allow me to continue using it by supplying me with a gratis version of Switch file converter? Anybody else out there got the same problem?    

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