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Beep on Line?


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I am evaluting VRS as an alternative to our existing in place Voice Recorder solution (it looks like I can replace it with VRS and new cards for less than replacing the bad 4 channel card and software upgrade.)


The one major thing I am missing is a feature that puts a beep on the line to notify callers the lines are being recorded. Being in the US, I do not see a reason to make the FCC angry even if its rules are not law.


Is it there and I missed seeing it? How about a work around if it is not there?


Hoping for a solution... I would really like to get away from Versadial... They would force me into a software upgrade because of replacing card with a bad channel. Although it does seem that their product has more canned features.

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Guest co_nch

Hi Lameid,


VRS does have an option of playing a tone every x seconds or playing a recording started prompt. You can choose to use the default prompt or you can select your own.


You will find these settings under options-> devices->channel settings. Under the start/stop control.


Remember you can try before you buy! Just download VRS and test it out free for 14 days.




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