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Features Mentioned in Help are Missing

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I tried Express Scribe last year. It was pretty nice but I do a lot of transcription and needed a foot pedal. I just got a pedal. Some of the online info says ONLY VPE pedal, other online info says VPE or VEC. I ordered a VPE but the distributor sent me VEC by accident. Well, I plug it in anyway and the VEC seems to work okay. To be up-to-date, today I re-downloaded the Express Scribe software (since I previously downloaded last year).


From the previous version I downloaded and from the current Help, it's obvious that I don't have all the menus. Not that items are grayed out, items simply are not there. In Preferences it doesn't show any sub-tabs on the screen, only the one for playback speed, backstep, etc. When I read the Help it mentions Volume which I REALLY, REALLY need, but I don't have anything called Settings, nothing called Volume.


Any enlightenment out there?


Many thanks,


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