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Get Image from Google Drive


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Thanks again for your response. Unfortunately, I am still having problems. The first is that my screen not similar to the one you show.

There is no metadata selection on the tool bar and I noticed that the screen shot you sent is for PhotoStage not PhotoPad.

I am trying to load an image into PhotoPad from Google Drive to edit it. On the File menu, which is on my version of PhotoPad, there is an option to fetch from the "cloud". When selected, it brings up a dialog containing the same options as shown on the screenshot you sent. When I select "Download from Google Drive", another screen pops up with the title Download File. On the left hand is ".....(a folder icon) /" highlighted.

There are no instructions on how to proceed and nothing I can find in any of the training videos or help.

I am really looking for an example of how to configure either PhotoPad or Google Drive so they work work with each other or how to proceed from the dialog box I am getting. 

Your assistance is greatly appreciated. 

Thank you

Walter Beck 


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