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I downloaded Crescendo about a week ago, and I'm impressed with it. I'm trying to arrange a piece of music, and it uses two female voice parts. At one part of the song, they start harmonizing with each other. But when I try to put in a new staff for the harmonies in Crescendo, it puts in a new staff for the entire song. I just want a new staff for just a few measures. Is it possible to do this?

Thanks in advance!

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To add a New Staff to a part:

  1. Click the Parts Setup button on the Score toolbar
  2. Select the part from the list
  3. Click the New Staff button located beneath the Parts list
    • It is the 4th button, hover over each button to see a tooltip on their function
  4. Select the new staff from the list, then enter a name in the options on the right of the dialog
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Thanks for the reply, but what I meant was, like, measure divisions. Basically what you see in a script for a musical.

Here's an example with measure divisions:


Edit: Sorry about that, I accidentally sent the wrong version of the song. There are so many versions of that song, and this was the only one I could find that was the one I was looking for. Thank you for understanding.

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