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Thank you so much

Guest Mark

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I thank you so much for this great and FREE program. It is GREAT! :D


I've been looking for a means of listening to speeches or on-line radio programs I've recorded in MP3 files at an increased rate of speed as I can listen at 200% of the speakers rate. Now I've found just what I need.


WOW! Express Scrite is truly Amazing! Only 358 KB file to download! Runs great! Perfect fit to what I was looking for.


I'm listening now to a speech file at 225% and understanding it very well, the way I like to. Wish I could find something like this on a portable MP3 player. But this is a great start.


Thanks for much for providing Express Scribe. My use is not what you intended but perhaps you'd like to promote it for this use as it is great.


Would it be possible to increase the maximum speed to maybe 300%. The faster I play such files (I used to listen to audio tapes at 200% or more) the more my brain has become adapted. I wonder how high I could effective listen? 400%? Who knows.



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