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BS "upgrade" policy by NCH


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I just started Express Invoice (paid license for plus).  When it started it said there was an update.  So I ran the update.  NOW the software won't run because it was an "UPGRADE" to a new version and I have to pay to run my software.  I would not have "updated" if I had been informed this was actually a you have to pay for it UPGRADE.  This approach my NCH makes me question the multiple purchases I have made.  Total lack of integrity.

I did know there was an UPGRADE but after trying numerous times to determine what benefit was there I could never find any.  So why would I give NCH $80 for tricking me into something of no value.


very pissed off customer

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greetings guys. I know it can be frustrating but I have always found NCH to be incredibly decent peeps. I bought their Debut and Video Pad and worth every cent. Was using Adobe After Effects and Premiere and just found that Video Pad could bang out things most of what I need otherwise using Divinci Resolve and bailed out of Adobe but I digress. Debut is amazing and I like to support companies that work hard. I mean, look at all the products NCH offers. Sure I can use Audacity or something but they create very powerful yet simple tools.

When I bought the products back in dec 2019 I carefully read what they wrote and it was something like "you get free upgrades for 6 months" something to that effect. Debut version 5.68  so even if I tried to manually upgrade to version 6.x I would take pause and investigate first. So on one hand that was there and told to on, on the other hand I understand your frustration cuz the Upgrade Now kinda button is sitting there.

Send them an support ticket or talk to billing and I doubt you will be let down. They survive on happy customers and word-of-mouth.

Recently I reached out to NCH about versions and was given a link to prior release downloads. 

Also never delete the email with your serial number and REGISTRATION CODE sent to you. Or print it and put it in a safe.


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