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Inserting Double Bar Line

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I am really (really) pleased with Crescendo on my first project now and just getting into this.  But I am stuck here on something:  I can't figure out how to insert a double bar line.  This software is so good so far; I will be surprised if it can't do a simple double barline, but I'm just not finding it.  I searched the forum already for an answer on this and also could not find the answer in previous topics....

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Hi Guru:  I have discovered what seems to be a glitch.  I'm not able to right click on items, like notes and measures.  No drop down menu appears any any right clicks so I've been unable to insert double bars, unable to do page breaks, etc.  I checked my keyboard and it successfully double clicks in other places on my computer, so I'm wondering if there is a glitch with Crescendo, right clicks, and Apple?  I'm not on Catalina yet, maybe that will make a difference?  Have you heard of anyone else with this problem?  Thanks.   Coming back, I just tried another keyboard all together.  I'm just not able to get a right click drop  menu going on Crescendo.  This is kind of a major glitch.  I hope I can figure this out!

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