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Moving multiple notes?


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New user here. Is there anyway to move multiple notes when laying out a score? At this point, I can only click and drag on one note at a time to, say, move it to make room for more notes. I see that I can shift-click on multiple notes to select them, but if I try and move them I end up just moving the one I click on to drag. I'm on a Mac.


Thanks in advance! 



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I have a kind of crazy workaround for this.  (1) Use the BAR tool to create a new empty measure (A) that is next to the measure that you want to copy the notes to.   (2) Use the BAR tool to create a new measure (B)  that consists solely of the notes you wish to copy. (You will need a bar before the notes and after the notes).  (3) Highlight measure B and then COPY it. (4) Highlight measure A and then PASTE into it.  (4) Use the BAR tool to delete the bars around measures A or B as you see fit.  (5) You can use the Auto Format tool to make if look better, if desired.  

If there is an easier way, I would like to hear about it.

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I have found that you can "push" a bunch of notes together all at once, from either the front or the back, but I think it won't push the barlines as well, so it's best not to have those, or if you move a barline it'll push all the notes in that measure, but not other measures. If you want to make room for more notes, try the "Insert measure" option under Edit. That will give you lots of space for new notes. Then once you are done, use "Layout" under Edit to get things spaced out evenly. I hope that helps.

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