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Duration and timestamps off (or not?) by 8 seconds


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Hi, all! I've got a strange one for you. I've looked around a bit but didn't see anyone talking about this, my apologies if I missed it.

We're having issues where certain files are 8 seconds longer in Express Scribe than they are in Windows Media Player. The file's actual information is also 8 seconds shorter than Express Scribe.

I just doubled checked one of them in QuickTime and iTunes, and the duration there matched Express Scribe. To simplify:

Windows Media Player + File Info: 01:03:11

Express Scribe, iTunes, & QuickTime: 01:03:19

Everything seems to line up at first, and then suddenly (after a long stretch of a single speaker), the timestamps are 8 seconds off as compared to WMP and the file's own information.

The people this has been happening to are running Windows. I'm running Mac, but the same thing happened to me with specifically that file when I downloaded it to test it out.

Does anyone have any idea what could possibly be causing this, either with Express Scribe or the files themselves?

(I thought I was onto something when I noticed the file in question was stereo vs. the control file I compared it to was mono, but I've since seen other stereo files that worked just fine.)

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