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Translation to text is awful


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I have been using the free version for a few weeks now to try it before purchasing. It is not very impressive! The speech to text is awful! I am doing medical transcription files for a test and it is talking about Russia and other crap, and it's not even in sentences that make sense or anything close to what is being said! I am not going to purchase and pay for something this terrible!

I have been having issues getting it to work with sound and the pedal. 

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I just purchased this software and tried to transcribe a medical report with text to speech using default in Microsoft Speech Recognizer 8.0.  All I got was random words as if the program was listening to a radio program somewhere.  Here is what I got:

<<- Speech to Text
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Same.  Complete gobbledygook. I'll post a little bit of our recent management meeting....  

"Sir Geoffrey-all season-and-a firm summers ago, he also served as a heavily into overdraft or whether there is an immensely notorious of all this in a year off her four year or so uncertain future those early version of the over-November 5 of all is over-all the unanimity it from the never-for fear of issues is a-month it announced a four-year-from-,-I-she for the and-so-and-a-earth 30th-TA-and-so all first-and-all Philadelphia-for the into-all at the first 1st-and- -all in all societies all-all-all over the the all-all for 1/2-LO fidelity-all for all firm first all; house all the first of all; it's all first-century version firm first all-old firm-for-all there was the first half hour-old all-and of all seems the service-Ira's former officers not taking over for 1/2 and the the office all-house; introducing loans and a self-all of for-nature, such it is a fairly his views were his over-half time at home and family firm self-all sense of irony November family or so is the failure of sewers and 1/2 hour and a have-a similar mould-and they have seen enough for an oh-so I guess-it-and-faces and how Mister -Swinton,, images of their and so it is all fell into the air and off-OM-40 per cent last week and-a-terms of individual associations and feminism-life families are now strengthening the links, for was a individuals, and sometimes alternative household of the nurseries for of all say if this is all there for his family ever work in progress over the last month or some similar lines of if the Handler later server version family severe cold-so-and 1/2" ............. and so on!  

What on earth????!  Is this supposed to work?

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