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hot keys demanding a modifier


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I'm trying to set up Express Scribe on my new Mac and the hotkeys are refusing to behave. On my old Mac, I was able to set Copy Time as simply F3. And then, I had system-wide shortcut for paste to be F4. So when I'm transcribing a document with a lot of time stamps, I could just reach up from home row, hit F3, F4, and keep going. On my new Mac, ES is refusing to let me set F3 as copy time, demanding that I add a modifier. So now, I have to do shift-F3, F4. That extra key stroke makes a difference and makes it very easy when I'm typing fast to accidentally hit shift-F4, which is fast way for Word to close without saving your work. 😡

I'm using version 7.01 of ES on both computers (because future versions of ES are broken and also have tons of missing features (already reported to ES, so not something to be "helped" with -- just FYI)).

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