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Video clip is black after exporting to MP4


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Yes, getting the same. I have a video to start the slideshow and export at 720, 1280x720.

I get a blank video but the sound is still there. The generation of the slideshow starts at 10-14% so it's not including the video.
Very frustrating. It may be a cache issue, but I have not found a way to reliably have the slideshow export include the video.

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I worked for weeks on a video for my parents 50th anniversary party.  I spent the whole day trying to save it to other media only to have a black screen.  

Driving late to MI empty handed and sick over all the time I wasted.  The preview was great but of course I couldn’t save that.  I want my money back!  

You should have fixed it instead of pushing that job off to your customers to “experiment”.

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