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Paid via paypal. Never got registration code. Do these work?

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Sloppy company. Great product. Paid with paypal. never got my registration number. Put in for refund on paypal pending issue but no responses. Company phone number is a recording and going to Tech Support was just an open message box.  Using cv19 as an excuse for poor product support makes them highly suspect. Digital era + digital product should be INSTANT!  Very disappointed.

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Update. I received the registration information.  Thank you. 

No further replies are necessary.  


Old post: I just paid with PayPal but the system never asked me for an email or gave me a serial number or register code.

What should I do to register the Tone Generator?

Thank you.

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I, too, do not have my registration code for Express Scribe Pro, but I did purchase the product more than a year ago. My user account became corrupt, so I had to move my work folder to another account. Thus, when I open Express Scribe, it asks for the registration code, which I do not have. Is there any way to retrieve it, please?


Thanks so much.

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I have the same problem. I bought Express Scribe pro on Oct14th and didn't receive any registration mail so far. I tried to contact the support two times, but didn't get a confirmation mail. I tried the link to recover the product key. Still no mail received, even not in junkmail folder. How can I get the registration key I already paid for with paypal?

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