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No way to remove Ease In/Out once added to an animation keyframe


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After adding an Ease In/Out to an animation keyframe, there is no way to remove it without completely removing all animation keyframes for that attribute and starting again from scratch.  If you remove the individual keyframe, and add it back, even if you input the exact same values for that keyframe, the new animation interpolation is... wrong, and unpredictable. Even without any level of fine grain control over the easing, there needs to be a way of removing it without it completely destroying any animation work that you've already done.

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To which property are you adding Ease In/Out? From your description I can't understand the problem but I will help if I can.

By default a keyframe is Linear, adding Ease converts it to Bezier, with a predefined amount of Ease. You can remove this by Right clicking the keyframe and setting Interpolation to Linear.

For the fine control you want, open the curve editor (the icon with a green and a red line at the top of the Composition panel) and select the property. Click on the keyframe and drag its handles.

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