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ISRC code is the International code embeded on every cd. Every professional record production company is allotted their personal unique code which identifies their country, their company, the production date and product number. This information per song is given to the Mastering Engineer who embeds it onto the  cd. The code is recognised by broadcast institutions and royalties are distributed accordingly.  (Some say) The code looks like this:

CH-386-99-00012 .   (CH= Switzerland, 386= Production co., 99= Production date, 00012=track identity. The first five digits are defined by the ISRC institute. The last five are the production company's business. the dashes are easy reading only and are not part of the code.

So now when producer/songwriters etc send their production to Radio stations or anywhere else, they use .wav or ,for demo use, MP3 but getting ISRC code onto these formats is a big problem.

N_C_H would be wise to get in on this enormous market.

James Duncombe, EuroSong Music

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