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What's new in version 4


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After a few years using Express Animate in different versions I've just started with v4.01. It's great to see NCH continue to develop this easy-to-use motion graphics editor as a free program.

So what's new? Overall things look the same. There are additional tool tips for various features that will be useful to those unfamiliar with EA. A loop button has been added to the playback controls.

The biggest change I could see was a new palette-based Edit Colors dialog. Change hue with the slider on the right and click in the palette to select any color. I'll miss the handy 'favorite' color selection but it's easy to build a new collection with Set to Swatch boxes. A useful feature is a box showing New and Current colors so it's easy to compare. There are sliders and up/down arrows to set HSV and RGB values, or you can input a Hex Value if you know it. An excellent addition is a dropper to select a colour from anywhere onscreen.

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